MoWetTheDon Legacy 2022 MoWet Entertainment, LLC

Chris Kusher Dig This ORM (Only Real Music)/MoWet Entertainment

Title:  1 Call That’s All Type:  Single Catalog #:  CAT646053 UPC Code:  195729847705 Release Date:  2022-06-03 Pre-Order Date:  None Number […]

Title:  Dig This Type:  Single Catalog #:  CAT594875 UPC Code:  195729333727 Release Date:  2022-01-28 Pre-Order Date:  None Number of Tracks:  […]

Title:  MoWet Entertainment Presents: L.D. Lil Daddy, Vol. 1 Type:  Album Catalog #:  CAT555691 UPC Code:  195039206759 Release Date:  2021-09-27 […]

Title:  Smooth Operator Release Version : Trill Life Remix Type:  Single Catalog #:  CAT546713 UPC Code:  195039037445 Release Date:  2021-09-03 […]

Title:  Twerk Type:  Single Catalog #:  CAT549112 UPC Code:  195039072293 Release Date:  2021-09-10 Pre-Order Date:  None Number of Tracks:  1 […]

Title:  You Can’t Handle The Smoke Type:  Single Catalog #:  CAT495018 UPC Code:  192650727533 Release Date:  2021-05-03 Pre-Order Date:  None […]

Title:  Hard Knock Life Type:  EP Catalog #:  CAT495557 UPC Code:  192650732643 Release Date:  2021-05-07 Pre-Order Date:  None Number of […]

Title:  Sex For The Ears Type:  EP Catalog #:  CAT471448 UPC Code:  192650459182 Release Date:  2021-03-01 Pre-Order Date:  None Number […]

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