Black Code: The State of Black America

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I am almost convinced that the biggest problem with black people is black people.  We can march, riot and destroy our own cities and towns with drugs and violence and chaos when another race have wronged us but when it comes to us destroying each other we will sit in silence.  A lot of black men that I know don’t date outside their race or maybe have “tested the waters” once or twice and yet when getting involved with a black woman they only value the black dollar unless you’re super attractive.  This may be initiated at home.  Most black families are single parent homes.  The biological father are mostly (not all) never there or seldom seen.  I was a child of a mostly single parent home.  My mom’s father, as far as I know, wasn’t completely absent in her life but he wasn’t present in her “up-bringing.”  In today’s society a lot of black men and women do not  even want to get married.  I’ve always included marriage into my life goals and as bad as I would love to find the perfect black woman for me the likely hood of that happening seem less and less possible each year.  I’ve gotten to the point where as long as I’m able to be in my children’s lives and even have a hand in their “up-bringing” and hopefully to be a full time father that would be fine with me.

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